Is your child often woken up by uncontrolled arm movements (Moro reflex), or by colic? In order to accompany him in these difficult moments, Milinane has designed a swaddling blanket for you. This birth blanket has the particularity of reassuring baby and calming him. 

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Milinane's cotton muslin swaddling blanket is ideal for swaddling newborns. Its soft and breathable material keeps your child warm while sleeping, without compressing it. Our swaddling blanket can be used from the moment your baby leaves the maternity ward until he is 3 months old. This model of birth blanket is designed for the comfort of babies as well as mothers: thanks to its long arm, you only mobilise the upper part of the body and thus avoid the risk of hip dislocation. Manufactured in a natural material, in the heart of Portugal, our products do not contain any harmful substances and are certified Oeko-Tex standard 100. Our childcare accessories are easy to care for, they are machine washable at 30°C and keep their softness wash after wash. 

Baby swaddling what is it? 

Swaddling consists of wrapping baby in a blanket or sheet to soothe and reassure him. Thanks to the birth blanket, your child will feel warm and cocooned as when he was in your belly. 

Why swaddle baby? 

Baby only cries at night? That's normal. After 9 months confined in a small, calm and reassuring space, your child is discovering the world: an unfamiliar, larger and noisier environment. This change may cause your baby to have difficulty sleeping. The swaddling blanket is an excellent nursery accessory that will help baby to reduce his crying and sleep peacefully without being woken up by his little uncontrolled movements. Huddled in his birth blanket, your child will be less anxious, calmer and sleep better. In general, a swaddled infant stops crying and calms down within 5 minutes. If this is not the case, it is because the problem comes from elsewhere (hunger, need for hugs...).

How to swaddle baby? 

From birth to 3 months, your baby can be swaddled. Milinane gives you the technique to use the baby swaddling blanket properly : 

- Place the blanket to wrap baby on a changing table, place your child in the middle

- Put your infant's hands on his or her chest, and hold it with your left hand. 

- With your right hand, take the left sleeve of the swaddling cloth and bring it back to the sternum. 

- With your right hand, take the right sleeve of the blanket and wrap it around your child.

Little tip: don't be too much of a blanket to allow baby to move his legs.  You must be able to pass one hand between the baby and the blanket.

Important: When baby is swaddled, always lay him on his back! Swaddling should be stopped at 3 months, when baby starts to turn over on his stomach. 

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