Milinane used its cotton muslin to make a typical model of Big Awakening Mat Especially suitable for babies. These rugs have been conceived by the brand to adapt to the morphology of our little babies and allow them to have a comfortable space to develop their movements and their motor skills safely.
For the Round Awakening Mats As with the Square Awakening Mats, Milinane uses a Double cotton Gauze Woven specifically for the brand. Cotton Muslin has the advantage of staying soft even after many washes and uses. It is therefore perfectly suited to the delicate skin of babies. Indispensable to our childcare accessories, the Awakening mat is ideal to help baby grow and flourish quickly. You will fall for the adorable Milinane motifs: small animals of the savannah, cheerful and garish colors, or indeed sweet and feminine pink... Milinane offers you a large double and reversible awakening mat to vary the patterns every day!

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