Wooden Teething Rings

When baby is teething, he tends to put everything in his mouth. Milinane has therefore created for your little one, a teething ring made of wood, untreated, with a small cotton swaddle certified Oeko-tex. By combining softness and comfort, our Leon ring will become an essential to relieve the pain.

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At 3 months of age, baby may start teething. This means teething pain, excess saliva, and sometimes a fever. Nothing to worry about until then, but it's no fun for babies. There are different ways to calm them during this period: local anesthetic gel,homeopathy, teething ring... (always ask a doctor's advice).

Milinane now offers wooden teething ring, to relieve baby's teething

How to choose a baby teething ring

There are different types of teething rings: wooden, silicone, plastic... We always advise to turn to natural materials, with the least amount of processing possible, especially when they are products intended to go in the mouth of a baby.

The wooden teething rings from Milinane are made of untreated and unvarnished beech wood. They are pure and perfect for little teeth. Our ring comes with a small Oeko-tex certified cotton swaddle, size 30x30cm.

The Leon ring therefore combines softness and comfort in 1 accessory.

This item is a great birth gift idea

How to care for a wooden teething ring

Our beech wood teething ring is untreated. To prevent the wood from getting damaged and hurting the baby, you can run vegetable oil over it to soften it. We recommend the following oils: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil or even grape seed oil.

In addition, the accompanying swaddle is machine washable at 30°C.

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