Toiletry bag for kids

Why have a toiletry kit in your changing bag?

If you too are a fan of "kits in kits", then the baby toiletry kit should already be among your must-haves.

The toiletry bag in a changing bag is an essential to stay organized. This bag has for first purpose to store some accessories, some products... But can also have other functions!

You can put liniment, wipes, diapers... or even a pacifier, a blanket, baby's sunglasses...

The kit allows you to protect certain daily products but also to store them, to be better organized.

The baby toiletry kit: a real survival kit!

You also have this famous kit that serves as a "survival kit". No pun intended, but a kit can save your life. As we often say, you should always have a survival kit nearby. Put bandages, compresses, disinfectant, hand gel, mist, a small pair of scissors... You never know when you might need them.

Here is a new idea of what to put in a kit. When you go for a walk in a stroller for example, or during a car trip, you can make a "toy kit". A large storage case for a few small accessories. It can take some to attract a child's attention: cubes, a ball, a rattle, objects that fit together... Always make sure that these toys are not too small, of course.

And sometimes, a kit with a pretty zipper can intrigue baby for many minutes. Peace of mind guaranteed!

How to choose your baby's toiletry kit

The material

This pretty pouch will carry a lot of things, more or less clean, so choose a material that is easily machine washable. Our cotton canvas toiletry bags are washable at 30°C and do not lose any of their colors.

Moreover, cotton canvas is a natural material that remains strong and light at the same time. It doesn't weigh you down.

Our Thelma case is lined with cotton canvas to ensure a nice shape.

Large toiletry kit in cotton

Toiltry kit Bucolic Dream, Thelma, from Milinane

Our Jade bowling bag is padded with cotton to give it a softer and lighter feel.

Toiletry kit in cotton Rainbow from Milinane

Toiletry kit Rainbow, Jade, from Milinane


All our cotton accessories are Oeko-Tex certified to ensure that no chemicals are used in their manufacture.

The size

Adapt the size of the kit to your needs. At Milinane, our kits are large enough to hold liniment, diapers, hats, or toys... They even have an inside pocket to help you organize.

With dimensions of W28 x H18 x D7 cm or W25 x H16 x D14 cm find our two sizes of cotton kits.

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The color

Depending on your use, choose a kit that you like, in harmony with your interior decoration and that will match your other childcare accessories, such as the changing bag or the travel changing mat

Certain patterns and colors may catch baby's eye. Our trendy and colorful patterns will help stimulate baby's eyesight and little fingers to reach for the kit.

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