At the origin of the Milinane project, it was our heart to propose a soft setting for our small nuggets. The idea was to bring together the harmony, the softness and the reality of the use of a fabric; To confront the ideal that one wishes for her baby in the daily life of moms.


The approach was therefore to identify a material capable of responding to this complex specification:

  • Its texture must be able to associate with an interior decoration object. Even in its natural state, it must be pleasant to look at, pleasant to the touch! A constitution that allows you to imagine the most comfortable covers, seats and childcare linens.
  • Its composition must be based solely on a natural and healthy fibre. Being in constant contact with the baby skin it must be a breathable material, respectful of their sensitive epidermis and temper the temperature changes to which they are subjected.
  • Its resistance must be high so that it can withstand the baby's life until it is fully autonomous. Sufficient strength to withstand many washes and repeated manipulations.
  • its transformation must be easily done. From styling to garment making, Milinane must be able to continually renew designs & colours over the seasons. Stylistic choices on a noble matter to get the most beautiful effect.

To keep these promises, Milinane has researched the material capable of ensuring the well-being of our treasures while being practical and functional.

Our material : cotton muslin
Cotton in its crude state: natural material, dense and soft at the same time.


Our choice naturally focused on the cotton muslin. From our point of view, it is the first fetish material for baby. True to the qualities of a mother, she is the one on whom one must be able to count. Tireless and indestructible, but as gentle as a caress, tender as a hug. By dint of searching for the untraceable, and to assure him a very high quality, the brand chose to make it weave directly on the place of manufacture. This choice distinguishes particularly Milinane, which controls, thus, perfectly its products and can boast a real know-how. The mastery of weaving is a strong bias of the brand. This makes it possible to differentiate itself by proposing a cotton muslin particularly resistant and of beautiful quality. The latter translates into a high density, up to 150gr/m2, which gives it a durable character and is very adaptable to its intended use.

In fact, it is ideal for maintenance and many washing. This cotton muslin has been created to guarantee an unalterable softness over time and to meet the hygienic criteria imposed by the sensitive skin of our babies.


We use a material 100 % cotton labeled Oeko-Tex standard 100 . In line with our values, we offer childcare textiles and bed linens perfectly suitable for the skin of our babies.

This label is a guarantee of quality to which we are very attached. To better understand why and how we fill this specification we invite you to discover the manufacturing process Here.

*Highest density especially for seats and cushions.

cotton muslin, high quality, specially designed for Milinane.

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