Aménager et décorer la chambre de bébé

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Aménager et décorer la chambre de bébé

Creating your baby's room is always an important step in the life of a mom, and generally, it is one of the first things we want to do when we learn that we are expecting a baby! It's our turn to be creative, to spend hours on Pinterest looking for inspirations, to scroll through the instagram feed of our friends and favorite influencers... In short, we can't wait to create, decorate and furnish our baby's room and create his own little cocoon!

Must-have furniture for your baby's room

It is sometimes hard to imagine that such a small being requires a lot of space, accessories and furniture.

Before thinking about the decoration and the colors of the walls, it is necessary to imagine where each piece of furniture will be placed. So, where do I start to create my baby's room and optimize the space?

To do this, you need to know the size of the room that will soon be your baby's room, in order to think about where each piece of furniture will be placed. Because yes, this baby will eventually take up a lot of space in your home but also in his own room. When you have a small room with little space, you may wonder if all the elements necessary for baby's well-being will have their place in this room.

Today, there are many brands that offer very nice furniture, practical and especially that adapt to small spaces, all without breaking the budget! It is also easy to find furniture that matches our colors and our desires.

Here is a small list of essential furniture to welcome baby in his room and optimize the space:

  • The baby bed. This one can be an evolving bed in order to adapt to his age, like the one of the brand Oeuf NYC. It also allows you to add a changing table on the bed to save space in the room. You can also turn to a single bed with bars from IKEA which adapts to smaller budgets.

Lit evolutif chambre bébé

 NYC Egg Bed with changing table

berceau Ikea

Bed with bars Ikea

    • In addition to the IKEA crib, why not invest in the Charlie Crane folding changing table? A very practical changing table that can be unfolded as soon as needed to optimize the space needed and have a tidy room.

table a langer pliable

Changing table, Charlie Crane

Which storage units to optimize the baby's room?

When you first set up a child's room, you have to think about the long term by thinking about storage rates. A baby grows quickly and you will need to regularly adapt his wardrobe according to his age and the seasons. By choosing a chest of drawers you will quickly be limited in time and will need a larger piece of furniture. In order to optimize this space, we recommend high storage units. But there is no question of having cabinets that do not correspond to the spirit that you want.

Storage in your child's room becomes a real decorative element thanks to designs like Plum Living, which embellishes your furniture.

How can you have a lot of storage in your baby's room without skimping on style?

Once again, IKEA will be our friend to adapt to our needs without breaking the piggy bank. Thanks to the PAX range from IKEA, you can create a custom dressing room to store all those little things.

For the aesthetic side, you can count on Plum Living to fully customize closet doors. From the color to the door handles, the furniture of your dreams is yours; A small example of a customized wardrobe on this model:

furnitures for baby'room

Dressing made with Pax and Metod

Your child's room will also become a playground in a few years. So remember to keep a little space to store their games. Once again, with the Metod furniture from IKEA and the doors from Plum Living, you can create an aesthetic storage bench. A 2-in-1 that is very popular in these small spaces and adds a decorative touch.

kids toys box

If you still have an empty space in your baby's room, you can add a comfortable armchair. It will quickly become a must for reading stories or, more particularly, for comforting baby at 4am, or for feeding him...

How to decorate the baby's room?

Once the space is defined and the furniture installed, we can finally move on to the decoration part!

But it is not so obvious! Do we want a girl's room, a boy's room, or a mixed room with neutral tones? What are the most trendy colors for a child's room? What colors do we want to match in our baby's room? Will he like dinosaurs if this is the theme we have chosen or will he prefer the jungle universe created in neutral and wild tones?

All these questions are not easy to answer without a little inspiration and reflection. Today, we give you all our advice to create the baby room of your dreams, in neutral tones

The first tip for finding decorating inspiration is to head over to Pinterest! If you don't know this free application yet... But what are you waiting for?! You'll find the latest trends, lots of decorating ideas

Some decorative elements in the baby's room that will make a difference :

A wall panel with a wallpaper. The big trend is the panoramic wallpaper, to choose according to the theme you have defined: jungle, enchanted forest, tropical ...

papier peint chambre enfant

Children's wallpaper Forest theme, Etoffe

If you're not a fan of wallpaper but still want a little color, geometric shapes are ultra-trendy to personalize this room. On a wall, around the bed or to delimit the play area, it's up to you to define where that touch of color will be. With Plum Living, you can match the paint color to the dressing room you choose.

geometrical shape children's room

      • le carpet in the baby's room can be very practical. Si vous avez un parquet, cela évite de le faire craquer lors de l’endormissement de bébé. It will also bring a little comfort to your little feet after a long day and a short night... It is often on this carpet that you will be able to play with your child in his room, then prefer a carpet easily washable in machine like those of room rug

    Washable carpet Lorena Canals

      • a mobile: essential above baby's bed, it attracts his attention and helps him fall asleep.
      • a night light: to reassure your child in his bed and to make sure that he goes back to sleep by himself (yes, yes, we have the right to dream too). Some nightlights also project lights on the ceiling and play soothing background music.

    kids night ligt

    Bunny night light, Rose in April

      • soft toys: You are likely to get lots of them when your child is born! These little cuddly toys have a strong comforting power with our children, they should not be neglected. Moreover, the little Pipouette plush is the ideal companion to accompany your child on a daily basis and help him express his emotions. pipouettePipouette, friendly feelings

    With our tips above, you'll already have plenty of storage in your baby's room.

    No need to add large shelves. On the other hand, there are small wall shelves with a coat rack to hang the bathrobe and on which you can place a toiletry bag or your baby's vanity with hygiene essentials.

    You now have all the keys in hand to design and optimize the space in your baby's room. Now it's up to you!

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