Big heat for my baby

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Big heat for my baby

The summer is well settled and the high temperatures are being felt.

If you feel them intensely, remember that it is the same for your baby. Your baby's little body is also subject to the heat of summer and much more intensely than yours. It will take time for his body to get used to the heat... 

You have to be very careful with an infant this summer. In case of hyperthermia, baby can be in serious danger.  His body will need a lot of energy to regulate his temperature.

Be careful not to confuse sun and heat!

Even if they are closely linked, heatstroke in babies comes from exposure to a place that is too hot or lacking in ventilation, and this can cause hyperthermia. So, of course, we avoid taking baby out at the sunniest hours.

At home

Remember to air your baby's room during the coolest hours and close the shutters and windows as soon as the temperature rises to keep the room cool.

At nap time, baby will need to be kept in a swaddling blanket to prevent him from wiggling around and getting too hot.

swadding blanket

Swaddling blanket in cotton muslin, Milinane

A cotton swaddling blanket is ideal, it is a very light and breathable fabric. In addition, swaddling allows baby to feel reassured and gives the illusion of still being in mummy's tummy.

When baby grows up and starts to wriggle, you can switch to a muslin sleeping bag, especially for summer.

Sleeping bag

On a walk

When you go for a walk with your baby, always remember to take a mister with you to refresh him or her in a healthy way. You will find some the brands Avène  or Uriage in parapharmacies. You can also refresh him by applying a little warm water to his forehead, neck, nape of the neck and temples.

Avène misterUriage Mister

In the stroller/pram, do not cover the opening with a cloth. It prevents air from flowing towards baby.

Is baby sweating in the stroller? Prefer pushchair seats made of cotton muslin. It does not retain heat and lets the skin breathe, preventing it from sweating.

puschchair in cotton muslin

Stroller cushion in cotton muslin, Milinane

Moisturise your baby too. Don't hesitate to give your baby mineral water, even if you are breastfeeding. It is recommended that you give them water regularly to avoid dehydration, which can happen quickly in young children.

If you really want to go out, choose shade at all costs.

By car

Equip the windows with sun visors and regulate the air conditioning so that it is not too strong or too cold. For more comfort and less heat, equip baby's cozy cosy with a cotton cosy cushion that will keep your baby from sweating.

cosy cushion in cotton mulslin

Cosy cushion in cotton muslin, Milinane

On long journeys, take regular breaks in the shade and moisturise your baby with a bottle of water.

Choose light-coloured clothes that will keep warm less than dark colours. Avoid clothes that stick to the skin, such as bodies, prefer panties + t-shirt or rompers. 

At the beach

Please note that it is not recommended to take a baby under one year old to the beach. It's much too bright for his little eyes and it's much too hot for his body to regulate itself naturally. Reverberation is always present despite the presence of an umbrella.

If you decide to take him there, spread sunscreen from head to toe! Dress him in clothes suitable for the beach as well as sunglasses with strong protection and invest in an anti-UV tent.

Anti UV tent

Anti-UV tent UPF 50+, BabyMoov

And, of course, we don't get there before 4:00.

One last piece of advice that everyone can apply at home:

The best way to moisturize baby's skin and refresh it is a good bath! At 35°C, baby will splash around in complete serenity!


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