Children's bath time

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In Mom's daily routine, there is, of course, bath time. But as the months go by, this ritual evolves. The actors and the framework are the same but the behaviours are changing...


The idea of bathing our infant frightens us! It seems that for the following children, we are always ready to accept the help of a childcare provider in order to (re)gain confidence! The first bath alone is like a trapeze without a net! We have, in our hands, a little thing that seems so fragile to us. We are hesitant and terribly afraid to slide our baby like a soap. Even if for us it's a real acrobatic game, some babies find what they want without screaming too much. And then there are those who don't like to be surprised by this soapy water! Perhaps feeling their mother's apprehension, they unload themselves with beautiful vocalizations. My baby and I were one of them. I was able to transform this stressful moment into a soothing moment by adopting swaddling in the water with a swaddle! The bathroom being close to 30°C, we come out of there all dishevelled, mascara flowing, sweaty and relieved that everything went well.


We gain in confidence but we don't let go of our little one for a moment! And now our baby knows how to sit in the water but the slightest little wave carries him away and makes him slide! The feeling of freedom and lightness gives them wings, to try a "4 legs" that turns toad!  Take questionable initiatives such as drinking soapy water.

The discovery of the games makes the moment even more "fun" especially when you realize that water flows and water gets wet (and not just you!). I would remember all my life those baths where my angel became aware of this new playground that was opening up to him! A new wolf has lit up her eyes.

the children's bath: a fun time with its bathing games

children's bath: a fun moment with its games for bathing

Bath time takes a (finally!) pleasant and amusing turn!... but until when?


We're not really in control of the situation anymore. Depending on the mood, the idea of a bath is accepted with joy and enthusiasm OR with morgue and TOTAL rejection. Negotiations may have to be considered to achieve our goals and get our little one into the bathroom! But the game is not over... we still have to put him in the water, our little darling. Like a cat (in cross) on a basin of water, we try to make him put at least one foot in the water while the 37.1°C is TOOOO HOOOOOT ! And in the water, everything is forgotten. The water flows as soon as my back is turned with cries for help, while the logic of the mixer is not completely integrated... I let you imagine the opposite scenario for the exit from the bath!

Oh Mother, I was doing the same thing myself????

Nice week for all of you!


PS: the climate is getting milder. For our older children, cotton muslin bed linen sets are ideal for a pleasant night's sleep! A material that tempers our temperature variations. The ally of our peaceful nights therefore


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