First days of holidays

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These are the first days of the summer holidays. Our little ones can finally breathe and learn a new rhythm. It's a question of letting themselves slide gently into this light and warm atmosphere, ideal for making beautiful memories!


The last few days of school are stressful for Iris. The heat and light of the sunny days make early bedtime particularly complicated! "But Mom, it's sunny outside, it's not night!!! "But if my baby, it's late (9:00 p. m.)." These are the last days of school and my daughter can no longer get up in the morning. She's FA-TI-GUÉE! But on the first day of the holiday, she gets up at 6:30. It seems to me that many of us are concerned by this strange phenomenon, right? 


So here is a phenomenon that deserves to have a name worthy of a scientific case! It may be in good taste to take a serious look at this natural fact that seems to affect all parents. Our children get up at dawn every time they have the opportunity to sleep in. And finally, between two mood swings, our little ones improvise improbable naps over the hours. Most often, at the end of the day, by car, on a 5-minute journey, which leads us to take the longer "alternative routes". In short, these sleep disturbances disturb the traditional rhythm of the household! 


But here it is, it's the beginning of the big summer break! And because holidays are also an art of living, I want to show him the difference. I hope that she will let herself slip gently into this light and cheerful atmosphere. Freedom, discovery, idleness, friendliness and open fun! These are the keywords to which the concept of "HOLIDAYS" should be associated. The opportunity to experience strong moments alternated with calmer and more relaxing moments. See the cousins again. Invite friends over. No more "fast, fast, fast, we're going to be late!" Being out 15 hours a day. Discover beautiful new places. Try new activities. Send last-minute invitations. And then enjoy it!

A gentle parenthesis opens. Happy holidays to them!

- – M –

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