Home holidays : scene of the life of a "Mumpreneur" NO.2

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Manual work to make our children's creativity work. The time of the holidays at home is ideal to organize these small creative workshops.

The Easter holidays are already coming back much too quickly, whereas we were just catching up on the delay of the previous ones. But what do these days look like as our child invests our workplace, which is HIS home?


During the holiday season, our planning is taking a serious setback that is undermining our desire to balance our lives as mothers and entrepreneurs. Time stands still for everything that concerns our company. I have to deal with my little tornado full-time at home. During these few days, I can no longer be reached by telephone, except in cases of force majeure (see the "pursuit" technique already mentioned). The great challenge to be taken up, during the holiday period, is to achieve the same thing by organizing one's working time in a very... offbeat way! It is mainly in the evening and during the nap that I work. Every possible slot, however short it may be, is an opportunity to move forward. We even take advantage of our walk in the Park to make a stop by the Post Office to send our packages prepared the day before in the evening. "Mom, what's with all the presents you give to the man at the counter?

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The exercise during this holiday period is to make sure that everyone benefits. I have to be 100% with my daughter while staying "connected" to my activity. The general atmosphere must therefore be beautiful, the moods are protected. I am a little less "straddling" some of the usual rules. To do this, I allow myself small deviations from my "great principles of education"... and I manage with those that allow me to feel less guilty! My little angel decides to eat with his fingers? After all, Montessori recommends to let them do it, so that he can gain autonomy... (and long live the washable covers because we then find ourselves in a real battlefield!). And then a few minutes in front of a cartoon never killed anyone. I myself spent a few hours in front of the Dorothée Club and the consequences don't seem so catastrophic to me

During the Easter holidays, a simple activity to do: a chocolate cake

The favourite moment of this "homemade" activity: decorating the cake with the Smarties! -Photo credit: with.ingrid -


I must admit that it is certainly not very pleasant for our children to have a mother who is half available. A mother whose mind is elsewhere and who, sometimes, listens to her thoughts with one ear. So I decide to propose to him, every day, an activity that changes our habits. To instill a spirit of holiday spirit in him as best he can! A simple occupation but one that takes us both out of our daily lives. I therefore share with you my "TOP 5" anti-routine, perfect for sunny days:

N°1: Picnic outside (in the Park or in the garden) and with a friend* it's even better!

N°2: Go get flowers and aromatic herbs and plant them.

N°3: Invite a friend for a snack we have prepared together (what a celebration to bake a heart-shaped cake, lick the dish and decorate it with Smarties)

N°4: Go for a long bike ride and improvise a snack in front of a beautiful panorama

N°5: Make a canvas and see a pretty cartoon such as "Pierre Lapin" (especially if it rains!!!)

On that note, I wish all your little ones a lot of rest for this holiday and to start, on the right foot, the last part of the year!



* It's a constant even!

PS: the sunny days are coming, the temperatures are rising! Think of the lightweight cotton muslin sleeping bag for your little baby!


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