How do I transport my newborn by car?

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How do I transport my newborn by car?

The time has come for you to invest in the big childcare equipment.

You are starting to project yourself into life with a new little being in your arms.

And that's when you ask yourself "how do I get my baby in the car? ».


Between the carrycot, the cozy, the car seat... you don't know where to turn.

Because, of course, you can't carry baby just any way you want.

How do you know which one is best?

You ask your friends and family, you search on the internet, you ask for help in specialized stores...

You would like to add it to your birth list but you can't leave it to chance.

You're the one who's going to have to carry baby in the car. Between the first appointments with the pediatrician, the first meetings with the family, his first outings outdoors, his first vacations...

A car seat can be chosen with care, according to its usefulness, its grip, its ease of handling and according to your budget. Difficult to make a choice in the face of all these possibilities!

It is for this reason that we decided to propose you a complete article on this subject. You will finally know the difference between the cozy, the carrycot and the car seat, which is the most practical according to your expectations and your needs.

What is the difference between a cosy and a carrycot?


First of all, the two can complement each other very well.

The carrycot is similar to a portable bed or rigid bassinet. It allows you to keep your baby in a lying position without damaging his muscles, which are still far too fragile. You can use it until your baby is about 6 months old.

We all know how babies sleep. Some fear being disturbed during their sleep, either by outside noise or by moving and changing positions. The carrycot allows you to avoid these small upsets. Baby can fall asleep in the carrycot and if you need to go for a walk, you won't have to change his seat, just carry your carrycot, which will also adapt to the stroller.


If you choose to use a carrycot for car journeys, be careful with a capital A: Not all carrycot are regulated for this type of transport. Make sure there is a seat belt and that it is approved for this type of trip.

Second important point to know about the carrycot: this does not allow your baby to be perfectly supported, even with the harness. At each turn or blow, he will be tilted from left to right, from front to back ...


Baby carrycot

I repeat: Although the gondolas are practical for rides, make sure they are approved for car travel. Not all of them are!

That's one of the main reasons why it's still best to carry baby in a cozy cozy place when you're in the car. Their rigid shell and safety harness provide optimal support and safety. Note that the cozy is not a bed. Even if baby is installed in a semi-recumbent position, (natural inclination of the baby), he cannot stay for hours in his cozy without moving.

On long car trips, take regular breaks to keep your baby hydrated and stimulated.

The cosy offers security to your child, thanks to its safety harness and its shape that encompasses baby's small body.


For more comfort and to avoid sweating on these trips, you can install a cotton muslin cosy cushion. This one will regulate baby's body temperature thanks to its natural material.

The cushion is also a very good reducer for newborns and can be used until his 9 months. Its fleece is ultra-comfortable and will allow this little baby not to be completely lost in his cosy.

Milinane's cosy cushions are made of cotton, a natural material for babies' sensitive skin, hygienic and machine washable. Do we need to add that they are also too cute ??


Milinane cushion cosy in cotton

You will understand that your choice will be based on the one that best suits your daily habits and your needs. If you regularly take the road, opt for the cozy one. If you prefer to walk, the carrycot will suit you. 

The right compromise:

Today, many brands have understood the dilemma, and offer cosys that lengthen. So here's a good compromise that guarantees safety and comfort: the Cloud Z from cybex.

This cosy is for me THE cosy to have to carry baby safely and without disturbing his sleep.

In the car, it can be used like a traditional cozy, in a semi-seated position.

Its + is that it adapts to the Yoyo stroller thanks to adapters, while lying down. Baby can thus finish his nap in lying down position without having been moved. It is therefore a cosy AND a carrycot at the same time.

cosy Cybex Z cloud
Cosy Cybex Z Cloud


Then comes the day when baby becomes really too big to fit in his cozy, or the harness is loosened to the maximum ... Yes, at that time you'll probably have to switch to a fixed car seat. There are also all sorts of them, some are adjustable, swivel...


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