How to choose de right sleeping bag for my baby ?

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How to choose de right sleeping bag for my baby ?

Choosing the right sleeping bag


The sleeping bag, or turbulette, is one of the must-haves for babies. In addition to being terribly cute when a baby is wrapped inside, it's especially useful for keeping babies warm.

If you've ever been curious, you've probably seen the countless number of sleeping bags on the market.

How do you make the right choice?

What is the sleeping bag used for?

The sleeping bag keeps your baby at the right temperature. It's like having its own blanket wrapped around him to keep him warm.

It also brings security and comfort. In a sleeping bag, your baby won't be able to go very far. He's free to "wiggle", but he won't have to make any big movements. Having the body wrapped around it prevents him from turning around or getting up.

Baby also feels reassured being wrapped in this fabric. It is like a little cocoon for him alone.



How to choose the right sleeping bag?


There are two main criteria: size and thickness.

Sleeping bags come in different sizes. You will find sleeping bags from birth to 36 months.

It is important to adapt the size of the sleeping bag according to the size of your child. Indeed, if you choose a sleeping bag that's too big, your baby could slip inside, get lost in it and even worse, choke.


In terms of thickness, the thicker the sleeping bag, the better it will be for the cold season.

To check the seasonality of the sleeping bag, you can rely on the TOG.



What is TOG?


The TOG (Global Thermal Grade) is used to measure the thermal resistance of the sleeping bag. In other words, the higher the TOG of a sleeping bag, the warmer it will be.

The TOG ranges from 0.5 to 3.5. The thinnest is 0.5, which is the most suitable for the warm season.

Here is a table to help you find your way around:


 TOH for baby sleeping bag


It's up to you to adapt the thickness of the sleeping bag and your child's clothing according to the temperature of the room, not the outside temperature.



An all-season sleeping bag?


An all-weather sleeping bag is not ideal for a baby. It really needs to be adapted to the temperature of the room. And as we all know, your home doesn't have the same temperature in the middle of August as it does in the middle of January.


Milinane offers two types of sleeping bags: summer (NINA) and winter (NINON).

The summer sleeping bag is light. It is in the TOG 0.5 to 1.

Its cotton material lets baby's skin breathe while keeping it at the right temperature. This way baby doesn't get cold and doesn't sweat either.

The winter sleeping bag is fleece-lined and therefore thicker. It is perfect for the winter season. It corresponds to a TOG 2 and is to be put on with pyjamas or long-sleeved bodysuit.


What material should I choose for the sleeping bag?


Turn to natural materials such as cotton. It is a breathable material that avoids excess heat.

Milinane's 100% cotton sleeping bags are super soft for your baby's comfort. Oeko-Tex certified, they also contribute to the good health of newborns by avoiding all harmful products.



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