In favor of public breastfeeding

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In favor of public breastfeeding

This week is international week dedicated to breastfeeding. It was important for us to talk about breastfeeding in public.

Babies, from birth, are programmed to feed every 3 hours. You are bound to have a social life to maintain, errands to run, restaurant's feeding time will inevitably fall during these times. You will then need to breastfeed if you have chosen to breastfeed.

Unfortunately, the subject of breastfeeding in public is a taboo subject in the mouths of some! Yet, we didn't invent it, breastfeeding has been around since the appearance of mammals, over 200 million years ago! And yes, in 2021 some people still haven't understood that breastfeeding is NA-TU-RAL. It makes us wonder if they know how they were conceived...

Is breastfeeding in public allowed?

Today, in France, there is no law prohibiting breastfeeding in public. Regardless of the place, time, dress or even the age of the child, you are entitled to feed your child as you see fit.

On the other hand, what is prohibited by law is assault of any kind. More and more women are being assaulted on the street because they are publicly breastfeeding their child. In 2021, it is not normal to come to this...

Why is breastfeeding in public a taboo subject?

A naked woman in the middle of a crowd. A breast that would be seen too much. The overly sexualized body of women. The lack of education ...

Some people will tell you that it's "moving to take your breast out in public," that you should go "hiding" to feed your child, that you should even "stay home with your baby instead of going out" and see a bit of the outside world...

It's probably a combination of all these remarks that make breastfeeding in public a taboo subject.

Hopefully, mentalities are changing, and the more we talk about it, the more we normalize the phenomenon. And that, Tajine Banane has understood it well. Tajine Banane is a French brand committed to breastfeeding. Recently, she wrote a manifesto on breastfeeding that I invite you to sign to support her fight!

"Signing this manifesto is recognizing that breastfeeding everywhere all the time is more than a slogan. That it is a right and still deserves to be defended in 2021." - Tajine Banane


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