Lockdown at home : how do you stay busy with your kids ?

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Lockdown at home : how do you stay busy with your kids ?

t's already been a month since we've been confined at home, respecting the confinement instructions to protect our health and that of others...
It's not easy to keep calm at home when you can't go to the park, or to the daycare, or to see your friends... You've been playing board games, you've made a lot of cookies (too many), you've had Disney on a loop...
For a few weeks now, on our social networks, we have been offering you ideas for manual activities to do with your children. Today, in this article we want to go even further!
It's time to be creative while having fun!

Reading workshop for everyone! 

Ah books... nothing better to discover the world, to hear new words...
And for reading: there is no age! You can even start telling pretty stories to your newborns! Your baby will get used to the sounds of your voice, the intonations, and will look at you with big round eyes.
When he starts to move his little hands, choose sensory books, with sounds, with different materials.
For older children, you can ask them to imagine a sequel to the story and draw it!

Musical instruments to make lots of noise !

Easter is over. Did the bells bring Kinder eggs? Great ! Keep the yellow plastic egg and make maracas out of it!
Or a tambourine with a box of camembert to drum louder than everyone else !
Create also the famous rain stick for the little ones 
You need:
- A cardboard roll (aluminum foil tube, box of Springles type chips...)
- Tape
- Seeds (rice, wheat, lentils...)
- Toothpicks
- A tool for drilling small holes (or a pin)
- A square of cotton
- Scissors
For decoration:
- Paint.
- Masking tape
- Stickers.
Follow the steps to make your rain stick here!

Playful and artistic

There are a thousand and one good ideas to do with cans. Let's start with a game of bowling!
After emptying and cleaning some cans, paint them with your children. Let them dry and place them to form a pyramid. With a tennis ball, a ball or even an old pair of ball socks (it's much more fun)... Shoot!
Bowling boxes made out of metal boxes

Physical activities!

Yes, children need to exercise! Create an obstacle course for them, do races, choreography, gym, yoga... and why not create a hopscotch on the ground with adhesive tape?

See how to make it here 

hopscotch on the ground with adhesive tape

And then finally, what could be better than a good old-fashioned cardboard box? Make room for your children's creativity... They may surprise you!


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