"Mom, which way do babies come out ?"

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This week is especially dedicated to babies. Births around us that bathe us in a happy atmosphere! Happy events that have not failed to hold my daughter's attention. This morning, she wanted to know a little more about the subject "Say, Mommy, which way do babies come out? ». Several looonnngguuuuuess seconds of silence put me, alone, in front of my inability to find an instantaneous right answer. There are several options.


Between coffee, "brushing my teeth" and leaving in a hurry to get to school on time, my little unicorn (it's her passion of the moment) decides to tackle this fundamental subject. I can see she's looking at me strangely this morning in the bathroom. She finally asks me about this strange phenomenon of "coming out of the baby", which also implies the question of "the baby's coming in"..... To tell you the truth, that's not really what I was thinking about at the time. I suddenly felt so alone. An irrepressible desire to run away then crosses my mind. But what is the right attitude to adopt in this case?

The spirit of Milinane, a swaddling enthusiast, offers a swaddling blanket that is practical and easy to use.

The Milinane spirit, a fan of swaddling, offers a practical and easy-to-use swaddling blanket.

Small baby in a cotton chiffon swaddling blanket signed Milinane. Reassuring and comfortable, it is perfectly suitable for infants from the very first days.


In a few seconds several scenarios are available to me. Starting by telling him THE PURE TRUTH! After all, you shouldn't lie to children, right? "Ah ah ah ah ! But my darling, you should know that it can hurt a lot to bring out a baby" or "Mom, blamed Dad a lot after you were born! " (lol). Another solution can be the "BOTTAGE IN TOUCH".  A strategy, therefore, of totally ignoring the subject by diverting our child's attention to a completely different burning question: "My darling, for breakfast, would you like a good chocolate roll? In my opinion, it is a step backwards to better jump... into the even deeper abyss of lies and self-decredibility. It is also not very rewarding for my little "seed of walking curiosity". And finally, there is the option of the "NI-NI" which is the result of an arrangement between truth and the watered-down myth.


In the end, it was the last solution I adopted that was very hesitant. I started talking, half-worded, about a part of reality, sprinkled with rhinestones and glitter so as not to make it disgusting. Before pronouncing each word, I first analyze them internally, making sure that I will not trigger anxiety or blockages in the more or less long term. At that moment, I feel on my shoulders a lead cap on which rests the institutional function of "MOTHER". So here is my short, effective and very mimetic answer: "You know, darling, thanks to the love of a father and a mother that a baby comes into the womb.  And they come out from the bottom of their stomachs. These words indicate by very clear gestures, the access to the exit (a large "V" pointing to the ground). In the end, I let him leave with his eyes still questioning. I have many more questions to ask in the coming days. For my part, I wonder what she thinks she's thinking!

And you? How did you manage?

Have a good weekend.


PS: This week the cosy and stroller seats are in the spotlight! With the sunny days, our little ones go out and enjoy the sunny walks comfortably with Milinane.


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