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The gentle recurrence of days that follow one another and do not resemble one another, only one constant persists: the delicate art of balancing. Walking on the wire, symbol of the border between my life as a mother and my life as a company manager. Every hour, my heart swings between my 2 babies: my exciting Milinane adventure VS my incredible experience as a mum!


In other words, "Mom" by day and entrepreneur by night, or the opposite... and, in reality, very often both at the same time! Highly claimed and valued on the networks by many women, we must admit it, this status is a choice of life that sometimes offers funny scenes of life. Some of them even become recurrent and deserve to be shared, as one could believe oneself in a film! For the pleasure of entrusting it to you (and having your feedback), I start with the first situation that comes to mind and that I experienced, once again, last night: THE PHONE CALL (PRO) WHICH IS NOT A GOOD TIME.

The "Milinane" signature of the children's room, here, comes in the Terrazzo design: bed linen, bed sheets, covers, play mats and baby mats.

room decorated with terrazzo pattern

A minimalist and stylish atmosphere for a pretty children's room decoration.


In the middle of the rush at the end of the day, the famous slot where we count the minutes while leading, drumming, the organization of the meal, the bath, the quarter of an hour "hug", the quarter of an hour "decompression" (I leave you free to imagine what these endless 15 minutes can look like) and finally of bedtime. This oppressive but effective countdown timer whose objective is to reach a decent hour for your cherub to find Morpheus' arms. At that very moment, in your mind, you still have an unresolved PRIMORDIAL professional question that could be resolved by a phone call. But here it is, after hours of waiting, it is right at the moment of Mom's classic "rush" that your "interlocutor-savior" decides to call you. Impossible to postpone, you have no choice but to pick up. But then, how can you be fully available and, above all, credible, when your little monster is at your feet, screaming for "he no longer knows what himself"?!


To begin with, we isolate ourselves in the next room with the hope that your little one has forgotten that this other room exists... with you in it... Finally found (quite quickly), you try a little food diversion then go hide (yes! yes!!) in the only alcove of the house (even if it is in the bathroom!). Definitely discovered by your narrow-minded little explorer, you adopt the ultimate strategy of "walking-fast-through-the-home" until the end of the call. So I'll let you imagine the scene. The game is to sow your child (just writing it down, I find it appalling... worthy of an unworthy mother!). You get into your mental bubble, focused on your conversation and start walking fast, forming a circuit full of pitfalls, all over the house. Behind you, a crying little face that gets caught up in the game of getting around obstacles, only to finally laugh out loud! By doing well*, we get the right answer to the question that was bothering us and we find a happy little one... at the limit of disappointment to see this game stop!

I remain amazed by our creative resources to deal with these situations. Our spontaneous inspirations often come from our childhood... Many others come to mind, but before that I will be happy to know yours!

In the meantime, discover the new Milinane products here.

See you soon for the rest!

Kisses -M


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