Our favourite brands dedicated to baby's development

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Our favourite brands dedicated to baby's development

It is often when you become a mother that you start to know all the brands related to childcare. And even then, even at this point in your life, you are far from imagining everything that can exist.

That's why today we entrust you with our brands and our favourite products.

We have selected brands which, like Milinane, respect the health of our babies but also ensure the protection of our planet, on which they will have to live and grow.

All these brands have attracted our attention thanks to their originality, transparency and environmental commitments.

Plantoy The wooden toys

We all know our kids want to put everything in their mouths. With Plantoy, there's no need to worry about the harmfulness of toys.

Plantoy is THE Green Company. Why Green? They are 100% committed to the purity of their products. They make their products from rubberwood and are therefore certified organic. Plantoy does not use any chemicals during the whole manufacturing process.

They make all kinds of wooden toys, ultra modern, you're bound to find what you're looking for!

The wooden toys, Plan Toys

The wooden toys, Plan Toys

Oli&Carole : the silicone veggies to chew

Why didn't you think of that?

You're an Avocado addict? Your baby wants to imitate you?

Oli&Carole has got it all figured out and offers you fruit and vegetables to chew on!

These little rubber toys are perfect for your little ones' teeth and introduce them to eating vegetables from a very young age.

Healthy toys for the health of our toddlers :

o 100% of the rubber used comes from the Hevea tree, the famous rubber tree.

o Hand-painted with paints derived from natural dyes, classified as foodstuffs

o Non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalates-free and Nitrosamines-free.

o Rubber toys are biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Silicone veggies and fruits to chew

BONJOUR LITTLE : Dolls outfits

Doll clothes hello little :

A brand that's on the rise! Have you ever thought of tuning your baby like her doll?

Well that's Bonjour Little's idea!

You can buy clothes for your baby, and buy exactly the same as her Gordi doll by Paola Reina, realistic dolls with adorable expressions. GOTS certified textiles, to guarantee responsible production and the non-use of chemicals.

What could be more fun for a young child than to wear the same outfit as her doll?

Dolls cloth, Bonjour Little

Dolls outfits, Bonjour Little


BIBBIBS Physiological pacifier bibs

The famous BIBS teats owe their success to their retro style and naturalness.

BIBS teats are cherry-shaped and made of 100% natural latex.

They are designed to remind you of your mother's breast. The natural rubber part is soft and ventilated, allowing the baby to easily extract air from the teat.

Specially designed for baby's comfort, BIBS teats do not distort the palate or teeth, do not cause irritation and are guaranteed non-toxic.

They are available in 15 colours!

physiological pacifer, BIBS

Maison petit point : The specialist in artwork for babies !

In collaboration with various artists, Maison Petit Point has found the solution to introduce young children to art. Together, they create objects of awakening, such as books or cuddly toys in the shape of animals, which can easily be integrated into a contemporary home. Made in France, in Oeko-Tex certified cotton, Maison Petit Point tends to propose aesthetic objects with playful colours.

Art book for babies, Petit Point

Art book for babies, Petit Point

Just Inseparable, the Cuddly toys with super powers!

This famous cuddly toy chosen by your baby, the one that will comfort the big sorrows, the one that will tell pretty stories, the one that will follow your baby everywhere...


Juste Inséparables offers all-flat cuddly toys, made in France, with beautiful Oeko-Tex certified cotton materials, ideal to be chewed and receive all kinds of affection.

Choose between rabbit, penguin or bear and add your 3 super powers on the labels!

For even more personalization, have your baby's name embroidered on the cuddly toy!

Cuddly flat toys with super powers, Juste Inséparables

Flat Cuddly toys with super powers, Juste Inséparables

We support and love all these beautiful objects, which perfectly complement baby's room, while awakening his senses.

We also thought that our mats would be ideal to make these new toys our own and to discover the world on this soft and fluffy mattress, Oeko-Tex certified.

They are available in several colours, in round and square, perfect to bring a decorative touch to your living room.

If you have a teepee, the round ones fit easily underneath!

Round Play mat, Milinane

Play Mat, in cotton muslin, Milinane


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