The "MUST HAVE" N°1 : Cloth square

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Far from realizing the importance of these delicate nappies for my baby, it was practice that made me realize my mistake. Let me explain why these cotton muslin squares will become your daily partners.


After several months of experimentation, and a lot of hindsight, I am going to share with you my list of "Must Haves" in our little baby's trousseau. The facts speak for themselves and I have reviewed my copy between the mom I thought I would become and the one I really am. Also, between what I thought was necessary and the reality: there is a gap between what I thought was necessary and what I really am. (no, no, the cushioned bottle* or the sunglasses and dummy** are not to be put in N°1... but I'm thinking about nappies!).

Apart from my desire to tell you that everything is to be taken at Milinane, I'm going to content myself with making a list of the must-haves, as objectively as possible.

Cotton muslin in celadon colour, by Milinane


I'll start by telling you about swaddling clothes, then. These are our allies for a few months. From the very first days, whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, you must always have one on hand. Given the recurrence of meals, we do not skimp on quantity. You need at least 4 to have 2 clean ones a day but you can easily go up to 10!

In permanent contact with our baby's skin, we do not hesitate to choose a quality cotton that does not become rough at the first wash. As far as possible, choose the widest possible ones, considering the diversions we make of them!

The cloth square as a substitute for the swaddling blanket.


And yes, you'll be surprised to find it has a wide variety of functions! Emergency situations invite us to be imaginative. To give you an idea, I myself have used it as a temporary cuddly toy, as a changing sheet when out for a walk, as a baby's changing mat when he is well rolled up, as a spare bib when you run out, and even as a spare pair of underpants when you don't have a spare outfit! And I surely forget some! The nappy becomes our best friend as it stands like a shield between our beautiful silk shirt that we enjoy putting on and our little angel. He is the fireman of the "big burp" and just about everything that looks liquid and needs to be stopped instantly! (let's stay smart please ;-)

The cotton muslin (here, curry/celadon) softens with each wash

 So slip 2-3 of them into your maternity suitcase and include them in your birth list!

Confirmed moms vote for this best? Tell me all about it.


* and ** : I assure you it exists !


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