The "MUST HAVE" N°4 : the toiletry bags

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The "MUST HAVE" N°4 : the toiletry bags

When you become a parent, you acquire new skills: staying awake all day after having slept only 2 hours, a patience that you would never have imagined to reach, and especially organizational skills that never crossed your mind!

Everything needs to be in its proper place to easily find your baby's essentials in case of an emergency.

To do this, we create special diaper change drawers, special "survival kit" kits, storage pockets to put spare things...

The storage kits will be your best friends! You will even become adept at "kits within kits"!

Why have baby toiletry kits?

This accessory is a must have as a parent. Storage kits help you to be more organized with your baby on a daily basis.

The advantage of the kits is that you can put whatever you want inside, depending on your daily needs.

If there was only one kit, it would probably be the "Survival Kit". But when you have kids, every kit is almost a survival kit.

The official survival kit to have in your diaper bag at all times:

  • bandages
  • compresses
  • physiological serum
  • disinfectant
  • small scissors

A small spare survival kit :

  • a change of clothes
  • spare pacifier
  • second comforter
  • diapers

Have you ever thought of making a toy kit?

The "Peace of Mind" kit:

An idea that can, again, save your life in case of long car rides or a long wait at the pediatrician... Prepare a kit with small objects that could intrigue him. When I say "small objects" I don't mean marbles or other objects that could be swallowed! 

Simply put a ball, cubes, a small stuffed animal... things that are easy for your baby to grab.

The size of the kit should be adapted according to what you put inside and the age of your child. The ideal is to have several kits of different sizes for each need.

Besides, a pretty kit with a zipper can keep your baby intrigued for many minutes! You will see that sometimes, a little is enough to amaze him!

The Milinane toiletry kit

And if your baby has a tendency to put everything in his mouth, it's not a problem with Milinane toiletry bags, which are made of Oeko-Tex certified cotton, which means that they contain no chemicals.

At Milinane, our toiletry bags have a large capacity to hold a whole bunch of accessories! From a tube of liniment to a comforter, you will quickly become an ace organizer!

We have 2 sizes of kits and a large vanity, ideal for your vacation with baby. Both kits have approximately the same capacity. They differ from each other by their shape and materials.

The Jade kit has a rounded format, called "bowling". It is made of cotton canvas on the outside, lined in cotton percale on the inside with a thin layer of fleece between the two fabrics for a more padded effect. 

Toilet bag in cotton for baby, tiger pattern from french brand Milinane

Thelma toilet bag, rectangular format is lined in cotton canvas.

Big toiletry kit with flowers, made in cotton, from the french brand Milinane

Thanks to the cotton canvas, the toilet bags keep their nice shape without sagging. Both bags have a small inside pocket for more organization!

To finish, I will say that the toiletry bag is the accessory to add urgently on your birth list!


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