The (very serious) subjet of the rituals in our childrend.

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For months (if not years) we have been repeating daily gestures and words, which have even become automatic. Our life as mothers is made up of a multitude of little rituals to which our grandchildren pay immense attention.

So yes, the concept of ritual is an essential part of learning to live.  Child psychiatrists and pediatricians can never tell us enough: LIVE THE RITUALS OF THE SMALL CHILD! The most obvious ritual that comes to mind is bedtime. Do you have any doubts about its importance? So to get a more precise idea, I invite you, this evening, not to read a story to your little beloved. Even better, I suggest you read his favorite book by changing the heart of the story: Pinocchio is woken up by a prince charming or the 3 little pigs eat the wolf at the barbecue (Mouhahahahaha = demonic laugh). Do you understand?

Rituals are necessary for the balance and well-being of our grandchildren. Routine reassures and comforts. It even structures!

meal with baby

The spoon for children or babies is the utensil for all meals. BUT which one to choose?


But then, from when can we consider that this famous benevolent routine is insidiously transformed into a naughty toc? The atmosphere rises quickly as we take the unfortunate initiative to change the color of the spoon. Or that we question the order in which we put on our clothes: some people think, in a stubborn way, that the panties are put on after the pants (little future Brittney Spears in the making, by the way). Why do I have to plan an above-average time slot to consider leaving school on time? To tell you the truth, these rituals scare me a little... how to keep control of "good routines" and avoid maintaining those that become futile and inflexible constraints.


Come on, come on, come on. I immediately adopt my posture as a super-mom-psycho-philosopher-for-happy-kids. I decide to see in these famous rituals intended for our little ones some kind of fundamental reference points for us parents. Even if a number of them do not seem to us to be really essential, we could estimate them differently. We could consider them the best parenting aids, right? In a way, they are, for us too, benchmarks. Number of times, without thinking, we go through the "bath-pyjama-dinner-bed", or the "night-light-history-kiss-song-kiss-song-good-night". To meditate on.

To you mothers! I'm listening. How are the rituals in your country?

Beautiful evening.


PS: Spring is finally here! The desire to get some fresh air is growing, so we don't hesitate to keep baby in a temperate and soft box with the homemade nomadic blanket!


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