Time to go to bed !

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Discover a recipe by Milinane to ensure our little ones a peaceful sleep in a cozy children's room!

Off to bed! The crucial hour of bedtime that cannot be managed lightly...


Hup, hup, hup ...go to bed! We're not going to lie to ourselves, we mothers, we sometimes dream of this moment just to ourselves. And to see our little warriors peacefully regain their strength to attack, on the right foot, their permanent experience of life. Let's remember that they know how to spend a monster energy to move! By the way, I invite you to take the test: do the same thing they do for 20 minutes (when they are in action of course!). Lie down, squirm, grab your two feet with outstretched legs, then, sit, stand, sit, stand. Grab a felt pen that is above the level of your head (put it on top of a cupboard), crawl across the room towards the white wall to express your creativity. No more need to bother with gluteal abdo sessions! So how can you create favourable conditions to initiate these well-deserved rest periods? To do so, you have to set up a strategy flirting with the limit of the trap (Hahaha! LMI*): create the irrepressible need to go to bed!

children's bed linen in cotton muslin, size 100x140cm

This is where we all take our breaks. It's battery recharging time. To do this, we create an atmosphere by transforming our room into an ultra-reassuring comfortable space, conducive to soothing rituals. It's all about softness. The bed must be a refuge of benevolence. It is necessary to create a total dependence on this place of dreams and calm. Our toddler must become completely "addicted" and happy to return there. We opt for linens made of ultra soft material that is never too hot or too cold. Coloured sheets that match the colour of the whole room and that are warmed up with subdued lighting. The cuddly toy is nestled in them. And we talk in a low voice as if we were sharing secrets.
Children's bed linen set in cotton muslin, terrazzo pattern
The room is then transformed into a stage on which we develop our immutable choreography and which starts from
the threshold of the door (gracefully of course and to the tune of your choice**): sidestep to the side "on-close-the-curtain", sidestep to the other side, forward lunge, sitting, "blah blah blah sleep well my little angel. " standing, backward lunge, sidestep on the side "click-off-the-light", "kiss-kiss-kiss," moonwalk out...

Cotton muslin bumper pad, reversible, celadon and curry colours

I grant you: nothing really new, but it's always important to remember the basic good practices ;-). Nevertheless, I will not be taken off my head that a welcoming, warm and harmonious space is one of the keys to the success of this moment. It's worth attaching importance to it. And even if our walls are white, then a nice bed linen set will go a long way in creating the warmth that is needed for this moment!



*LMI: Laughing at Mother Indignant!

** For my part it will be "From Disco to Disco" from Whirlpool Production... it's acutally playing


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