How to choose your changing bag

What is a diaper bag?

The changing bag is a bag that will follow you and your baby everywhere. From birth to about 3 years old. The changing bag will contain all your child's essentials.
The content of the bag is to be adapted according to his age, his needs and your walks. It is clearly an essential to have when you become a parent, for all your outings.

Why have a changing bag?

The changing bag is clearly the must have when you have a baby. You will always need to have with you a whole bunch of accessories and products to take care of your baby's needs. When you decide to go out with a toddler, you have to think of everything and even anticipate certain needs. You never know if it's colder than expected, if he starts to have a toothache, if he loses his pacifier... The changing bag will allow you to always have with you all these small objects which can sometimes save your life. That's why you have to choose your diaper bag carefully.

How to choose your changing bag?

Choosing a changing bag is not easy, but it is essential. You are only a few weeks away from your due date and you don't know which changing bag to choose for the arrival of your baby. We are here to help you make your choice!

There are several criteria to take into account when making your choice:

Storage :

Milinane changing bags are designed to make life easier for young parents. From her experience as a mother, Marine, our designer, knows how essential small storage pockets are.  The Joseph bag has 3 inside pockets, one of which has a zipper to create a storage divider. The Marceau bag also has 3 inside pockets and 4 outside pockets. It allows easier access to certain accessories and is very practical, especially during car trips.
For a better organization, opt for a toiletry bag. It will allow you to store accessories such as liniment or a pacifier to keep it clean.

The size :

The size of the diaper bag will depend on your needs. At Milinane, we offer two different bag sizes: a medium size bag, sufficient for all your daily trips with baby and a weekend bag ideal for big outings and vacations with baby.

Regarding the handles, depending on how you carry it, choose adjustable handles. This will allow you to carry it in different ways: on the shoulder, as a shoulder bag or even on the stroller.


Our changing bags are priced at 79€ for the Joseph bowling bag and 99€ for the Marceau Weekend bag. Prices that are justified by the quality: a European manufacture, a light and natural material, a resistance for an irreproachable lifespan and an ease of maintenance at 30°C in machine.

The material:

Prefer a changing bag made of soft and light material. More practical to carry and to maintain daily. Milinane makes its changing bags from cotton canvas, a natural fiber-based material that is strong and durable. The cotton canvas has a rigid side that gives it a nice shape. Indeed, this material has the advantage of not deforming with time.

The colors :

At Milinane, we particularly like original patterns. Our patterns are all different from each other with multiple colors. We favor trendy shades that easily adapt to a modern interior and that harmonize with the outfits of young parents while offering childlike designs.
Discover all our cotton changing bag designs

What to put in a diaper bag?

Nothing is more important than your child's health. So to preserve it, we take everything we need with us, in our changing bag.

changong-bag-bucolic-dream-from milinane

For hygiene

- Diapers

- Liniment

- Cotton pads or wipes

- A complete change of clothes

For his meal

- A powdered milk measuring can

- A small bottle of water

- A baby bottle

- A pack of tissues

- A terry cloth bib

- A diaper that can be used as a blanket, a bib, or for privacy while breastfeeding

- A small snack or meal

For comfort

- A comforter

- A pacifier

- Games

- Books

- A small blanket


To be adapted according to the season of course.

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