At the origin of every company, very often, the story of a person ... in this case my story as a young mother!

In a few months I was going to become a mother! As my body was changing, I was projecting myself into this new life and preparing for the arrival of my baby. This welcome that would take the form of preparing a small cocoon, in which every object would have its importance. It was vital for me to prepare his room, his room, his place in our home. That his environment harmoniously matches our environment, as if this little piece had always been there.

Very quickly, I discovered a passion for baby's world. I learned all that childcare has to offer for their well-being and I was faced with terrible dilemmas when faced with the range of strollers, cozy toys and all the necessary equipment... Like many mothers, I want everything at once: practicality, comfort, natural materials and style. To my great disappointment, I couldn't find anything "beautiful" when these new objects were going to integrate my interior. No question of tolerating a rug or a high chair that is not in harmony with my living room when it would spend a few years there!

After the birth of my daughter and by using all these objects on a daily basis, I was quickly confronted with another major problem, that of maintenance... Me, who was cruelly lacking time between feeding, washing and especially cuddling, I wondered if I was not going to have to go back to engineering studies to be able to remove textiles from this equipment and wash them! So it seemed obvious to me that there was an idea to be found to simplify the life of parents here too.

With my experience as a product manager in a decoration company, I decided to tackle the problem head on and create my own line of childcare linen. An entrepreneurial adventure is underway!

From idea to realization...

So here I am in this crazy adventure in search of the material, which, for me, was the cornerstone of the edifice.

My specifications were very precise: I needed softness, naturalness, practicality and style.

Cotton muslin was my ideal, but I needed a particularly resistant and noble one, which was able to withstand stretching, dubious saliva, crushed boudoirs, fingers in the nose, hot and cold, a baby's life in short !

After going through phases of despair, my determination finally paid off. One day, at the bend in a pile of rollers, I finally had my muslin in my hands. The one that I found soft and delicate but that was able to resist small assailants.

Euphoric, I presented it to my Portuguese manufacturer, who seemed to confirm to me that we could start making the first prototypes...

That's it, we were finally going to be able to work on patterns and colours! I was lucky enough to come across a talented fairy on my way who was able to transcribe the variations of motifs and a graphic charter on this material. I recognize her talent as a "visual translator of high-flying"!

I was literally exhilarated by the progress, I was almost touching the final realization of my products. With my head in the handlebars, I persevered in my exchanges with my manufacturer so that we could achieve a result that was technically up to scratch: practical, solid, comfortable... and with style! I gave nothing away, which earned me a good reframing from my supplier, tired of this obsession with detail.

The result of these months of research and questioning was there. I was finally going to see the concretization of this concept so much aspired!

It is therefore with great pride but also with great humility that I present the Milinane collection.

The dedication...

For a child, the softest of the softest is his cuddly toy. For my daughter Iris, it's a stuffed donkey, very small in size but oh so important! His first word was "MI-LI-NANE". It is the star of his life, the one who inspires calm in all circumstances, the only one who never says "no" to him, who accepts meekly any abusive affection, even the most acrobatic! He has all my gratitude. His qualities are those of the MILINANE brand. So, to this sweet little donkey, and especially to you my Iris, I dedicate this project.


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