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The cotton gauze sleeping bag is ideal for summer nights. Baby will fall asleep in a soft cocoon!

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The Milinane sleeping bag provides comfort and security for babie's nights. Designed to be pretty but also enveloping and pleasant to wear, our 0-24 months sleeping bags combine breathability and extreme softness. Made of cotton woven especially for the brand, our baby sleeping bag is perfectly adapted to our children's sensitive skin. Easy to maintain, it can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C! 

Whether the room temperature is too hot or too cold, the baby stays well swaddled in a healthy and temperate 100% Oeko-Tex fabric. Available in a light version (summer sleeping bag TOG 1) and a fleece version (winter sleeping bag TOG 2), the baby stays in a trendy sleeping bag. The design of the Milinane sleeping bag makes it a decorative object in the nursery. Graphic or animal motifs, reproduced in the trendy colours of interior decoration, shake up the classic codes of childcare. From birth, your child can be placed in our 0-9 months sleeping bag, then in the 9-24 months sleeping bag when your baby is a little older. Thanks to Milinane's muslin turbulette, your child won't catch a cold and will not be able to wiggle around. Easy to use, it can be quickly slipped onto your newborn's pyjamas. 

Summer sleeping bag for girls, summer sleeping bag for boys, winter sleeping bag for girls, winter sleeping bag for boys, there is something for every taste and every season! 

How to choose your sleeping bag according to the TOG? 

Depending on the temperature in your baby's room, the TOG index tells you which sleeping bag to choose.

If the temperature in your child's room is between : 

  • 24 and 27 °C, choose a TOG 0.5
  • 20 and 24°C, opt for a TOG 1
  • 16 and 20°C, choose a TOG 2

What size sleeping bag should I choose?

To ensure your child's safety, it is important to choose the right size sleeping bag.

At Milinane, here is what the sizes correspond to:

  • Size S : Sleeper 65 cm / 0-9 months
  • Size L : Sleep sack 83 cm / 9-24 months 

From a young age your child will be placed in a sleeping bag no matter what the season. Only after 24 months can you opt for a blanket or a duvet for your little one's nights.  

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