Here some "tips" to make a good car trip with your kids

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The long car journey is usually an experience, which does not leave parents indifferent. It is indeed an ordeal (and I am weighing my words) for some of us. If a 2 hour trip feels like crossing a continent then this article is for you. At Milinane we tried to put our finger on the keys to the success of a car trip with our children...


[Personal feedback from the last car trip]. I can see my lover's face closing a little more as I hand my daughter her umpteenth chocolate cake (melted) after the bag of chips. It is contained so as not to mention the INDISPENSABLE detour to the car wash as soon as we arrive. My lover is already having a hard time getting into "holiday mode", he needs a few more peaceful hours for the magic to work. So secretly, I cross my fingers so that my daughter will stick only to the plastic handles and seats with her fingers full of chocolate... And yes, we took the road less than an hour ago and my little monster has already swallowed an illogical amount of food.


The major educational theories are simply no longer valid when a car trip of more than 30 kilometres is planned. In particular, we can forget about a balanced diet and respect for the biological rhythm. The notion of time is an improbable concept, as long as we travel by car. For our little traveller, time seems to have simply stopped, and the worry is felt about every quarter of an hour with the traditional "Mom, when are we coming? ».

By car, a full day takes no more than 3 hours: the classic "lunch-sieste-taste-taste-this-play-dinner" is fully processed, while you still have 200 kilometres to go! But then how can I suggest that he attack his night at only 1:00 p. m.?


Without any pretension, and in the hope of generating other ideas from you, I share with you below the 5 points, very "milinanian", of a good car trip with our offspring:

  1. Plan a picnic (a real one) for 2 reasons: because it is always a festive event that takes at least 15 minutes (hopefully more!) and once the stomach is full, it leads directly to a nap (theoretically...)
  2. Invest without hesitation in an "Electronic Toll" subscription because any stop and window opening can permanently disrupt precious sleep. Persist in covering a MAXIMUM of kilometers while Morpheus is working!
  3. Have a supply of food worthy of your annual stock of compotes, cookies, chips and other "little edible drosses" that help to preserve the mood of our little ones (and sometimes, agree to depart from your eating habits just to buy a little calm...[unworthy mother]).
  4. To be provided with at least one saving swaddles, which still helps us long after our child has spoken his first words! In this case, by car we use it as an XXL bib, emergency sun visor, protection of the seats during an emergency change on the side of the road, and so on...
  5. Learn to hear without listening... to be able to support 5 long hours during "Cococaline" and "Portovecchio" by Julien Doré! Even if at first we find the choice rather nice, the effect is the same, as if you endured the "Snow Queen" or "Gymbo" for 5 hours! Otherwise, go to the Media Library to fill up on musical tales to vary the pleasures!

And you? What are your tips??

Have a good trip!



PS: When travelling in high heat, for the youngest ones; it is without hesitation the seat of cosi that you must have absolutely! The cotton muslin tempers and remains pleasant for baby's skin!


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