The swaddle: the "swiss knife" of mothers

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Like a Swiss Army knife, the swaddle offers us a multitude of alternatives that sometimes go far beyond its primary function. With a bit of imagination and a touch of despair, the swaddle becomes the fetish and saving object of mothers.


Above all, the swaddle is a bit like a natural reflex for us mothers. As soon as a baby is born, and I don't know how, we adopt the diaper as if it were an extension of our hand. It is in contact with baby's skin like a caress, it wipes away small gastronomic overflows, it protects us from them too. But it is also to swaddle our baby urgently that the swaddle does the trick. Without my swaddling blanket, it was by improvising a soft and solid embrace at the same time that our little treasure was able to calm down and fall asleep.


It is also by experiencing a massive forgetting of essential things that the swaddle becomes the super hero of our relaxing weekend. At destination, it is by opening my suitcase that I realize that I have forgotten almost everything. Or maybe I thought it was going to be -10°C in the middle of July? I only see clothes that are too warm, no travel exchange blankets or pajamas. Only my pile of diapers that I never leave makes my eyes soft. They will be transformed into temporary sheets, bibs and extra panties for the duration of the stay. OUF!


So here I'm talking about scenes of life that we no longer wish to relive but that we've all known (well, I think). The one of the sick child whose waterproofness is compromised... The pile of clean linen runs out, the bed is redone every 2 hours, the (moral) fatigue is felt. This is when the diaper becomes precious. Spreading the soft cotton muslin square on the pillow and/or mattress gives us a little respite. Or, when travelling by plane where our dear child must remain on our lap for the duration of the flight: an eternity. Our maggot moves, eats and grumbles. It's hot and so are we at the same time. The diaper on our knees and between baby and ourselves tempers the heat exchanges and prevents us from resembling the ravaged carpet (chips and chocolate crumbs hidden in the folds of our skirt) of our darling after an AIX-LILLE...
I'm telling you: The swaddle is our Swiss army knife!

Nice week.
- M -

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