Build your baby wishlist

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Build your baby wishlist

Waiting for a child, as we know, requires a lot of organization. You have to think about everything, his well-being, his comfort, his needs and yours too!

The birth list has been around for ages! Because yes, it takes equipment to welcome a baby in good conditions. And the help of our loved ones is always welcome in these moments.

In order to welcome a baby in the best conditions, you have to turn to good childcare accessories. And when you see the prices, you can sometimes get scared. This is one of the main reasons why the birth list exists!

What's the point of a birth list?

This list is literally a list of gifts that are expected for baby's arrival. These are not just gifts, but nursery accessories, or even nursery furniture that will serve you daily.

This birth list is going to complement the equipment that you will have already acquired for your baby. This can be big equipment, as well as very small accessories (a stuffed animal). It depends on what you can afford!

What do we put on a baby list?

Absolutely anything you deem necessary for you and your baby: Home decor, plush toys, early learning toys, furniture, car seats, clothing...

Here are some ideas to put on his birth list:

An evolving chair from birth to pre-teen

This pretty wooden chair is used from the birth of baby. You will be able to place your baby in its bouncer installed directly on the wooden frame. Baby will be at your height and can look at you without you being too far away.

When your child grows up, the Stokke wooden frame can be transformed into a high chair, with an integrated safety belt, and then into a normal chair to put around the table.

TIBU Charlie Crane Chair

Tripp Trapp Expanding Chair, Stokke

A convenient changing bag with multiple pockets and an adjustable handle

The Milinane cotton diaper bag is an essential. With its many interior pockets and 3 handles, it will become your best ally in everyday life for you and baby.

Milinane Cotton Changing Bag

Milinane Changing Bag

A cute nightlight for baby's room

This pretty night light will help baby fall asleep. A light light can reassure him. Especially if it is a rabbit!

Available in several sizes.

Miffy Nightlight

Miffy Nightlight

A modern, space-saving changing table

A nice invention from one of our favorite brand: the changing table that folds up. Nothing better for a spacious and well organized room!

Charlie Crane Changing Table

Changing Table Charlie Crane

A health record protector to keep your child's medical records preciously

The health booklet is undoubtedly one of the most important documents that we get when we give birth. To protect this booklet, what better than a nice health booklet protector? It will extend the life of all your child's medical documents.

Health Record Protector, Milinane

A Milinane health book protector

A soft jelly Cat comforter

Jelly Cat makes beautiful stuffed animals, all more original than the others, and we love it ! Different shapes and sizes, there is something for everyone !

Soft toy jelly cat

Doudou Jelly Cat

Where and how to make a birth list

On the internet

We recommend two birth list sites: Mesenvies or Milirose. They are convenient and easy to use. You complete your birth list with everything that will make you happy, share it with your loved ones so that they complete it.

Smallable, specialist in decor, clothing for families has also launched its own birth list on its site. You will surely find your happiness there!

Thanks to these sites, you can share this list on your social networks or send it by e-mail to your loved ones.

Some sites offer you to participate financially in a gift without financing it 100%. For example, for a Charlie Crane brand Levo baby bouncer, your cousin can put in 150e of participation and your best friend will fill in the rest so that you have the bouncer when your baby is born.

Some sites offer to pay for a gift without funding it 100%.

Know that we also offer a cute gift card to give the product of your choice on the Milinane site

And for those who might not be connected yet

You can create your birth list directly in a specialty store. Go to Bébé9 for example, Aubert, Autour de bébé...

This is ideal to buy the gift directly in the store. Your loved ones go to this store, give your name to an advisor and find your birth list, with what has already been purchased or not. Parents and grandparents often favor this system, if they are close to a store.

How to ask relatives.

Requesting gifts can sometimes be a little embarrassing, even if it's for a good cause. But rest assured, usually the birth list fills itself! Your loved ones will automatically ask if you have a birth list, and where they can add to it.

It's almost a tradition!

Besides, birth list sites always suggest sharing your list with your loved ones on Social Networks or by email. They can also directly go to the birth list site and enter your first-name-first-city to find your list.

Here you go, you have all the keys in hand to create your birth list and welcome your baby as it should be!

Be sure to check out our blog posts to discover all of our baby gift ideas, on choosing your baby's changing bag, or on cododo.


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